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Why a Wi-Fi Thermostat? Here are 3 good reasons!

Here are three reasons to consider this inexpensive upgrade to your heating and cooling systems: 

  1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY! With most any Wi-Fi, also known as smart thermostats, you can expect an easy 20% reduction in energy efficiency. Match this with super high efficiency equipment and your savings can more than double! This is because of the easy programming and the thermostats ability to monitor outside temperature swings while detecting your home’s heat loss averages. Some smart thermostats will even learn your habits of comfort levels and comfort times.
  1. USER FRIENDLY! Have you ever struggled with a new thermostat trying to figure out how it operates? Who hasn’t? Most smart thermostats are much easier to learn and operate. Even though the thermostats are much more advanced, you will find that you will not need an extra computer programming degree to figure out how to turn the AC on. They are self-explanatory and interactive.
  1. SUPER CONVENIENT! You can adjust your temperatures anywhere where cell service is available. This is crucial for those who travel. Let’s say you take the kids to Disneyland in March and while gone, Utah gets one of our surprise early Spring snowstorms. If your furnace stops operating, your pipes can freeze and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Unless of course, you have a smart thermostat that notifies you of the problem. You can then contact Just Right Air and get the heat back on from 800 miles away!

To recap. A Wi-Fi thermostat will pay for itself in energy savings, it will be easier to operate with the user friendly interface and app, and offers more concise control and convenience. Most of these thermostats cost less than the average smartphone! Starting at about $175, they are easy to install and set up.

One more final thought; your heating and cooling costs are typically 60% of your power and gas bills. Is it hard to justify the low cost of the smart thermostat that controls your highest energy usage in the home?

We recommend and stock the best reviewed smart thermostats from Honeywell, Ecobee and Trane.

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