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Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Choosing the Right Company to Install Your AC is Very Important to Your Comfort

The most important factor in getting an efficient and comfortable air conditioner is the company doing the installation. At the risk of being negative about our own industry, we have to tell you that heating and air conditioning contractors as a whole do a very poor job of installing heating and cooling systems!

Advanced Energy, formerly North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation, a non-profit organization, examined air conditioner published efficiencies versus their actual running efficiencies after they were installed. What they found was that about 90% of the systems tested had some kind of an energy-wasting, comfort-robbing problem!

Many other studies* have revealed problems such as an average of 93% of systems have unacceptable duct leakage that causes indoor air quality problems, drafts and excessive energy bills; an average of 47% of systems are oversized causing short cycling, excessive noise, shorter equipment life and poor humidity control; an average of 54% of systems have an incorrect amount of refrigerant causing excessively high operating costs and early compressor failures; and an average of 70% of systems have incorrect air flow causing uneven temperatures, excessive noise and excessive energy bills.

To make sure that your system is in the top 10% of efficiently running systems in Utah we test it! Every system we install passes a rigorous quality inspection upon completion.

All of Your Comfort Problems Are Not Solved by Just Replacing the Equipment

Your equipment is part of a complete comfort system made up of many components. To make sure that your system components all work properly together, we go the extra mile.

Here are some of the unique performance packages that are included with our installations:

Sound Reduction Package — To keep your system operating even quieter than the manufacturer’s design:

  • Vibration elimination pads
  • Acoustic duct liner
  • Cross-break sheet metal
  • Turning vanes where needed

Comfort Control Package — To make you as comfortable as possible:

  • User friendly comfort controls
  • Correct air velocities to control drafts
  • Proper registers to distribute the air evenly
  • Double deflection diffusers where needed

Energy Saving Package — To save you the most money on operating costs:

  • Double leak-check system before start-up
  • 45-point quality audit
  • Duct sealed with lifetime sealant (no duct tape!)
  • Insulated refrigerant lines

Consumer Safety Package — Your health and safety are our top priority:

  • Double insulated copper wire
  • Ultra violet resistant conduit and wire ties
  • New low voltage wiring as needed
  • Breakers and electrical switches clearly marked

Reliability Package — To assure that your system operates trouble free for years to come:

  • Install new condensate drain
  • 45-point quality audit
  • Consumer care education
  • Equipment sized to reduce short cycling

Temperature Balance Package — To make sure that every room is the right temperature:

  • Install balancing dampers
  • Ducts sized to “Manual D” standards
  • Air volumes set to manufacturer’s requirements
  • Install double deflection diffusers

Indoor Air Quality Package — To help you breathe easier:

  • Ducts are sealed to be leak free
  • Automatic filter change reminders
  • High efficiency air purification as needed

Your Air Conditioner Installation is Backed by our No-Excuses Money-Back Guarantee

One-year Money Back Guarantee: If you are unhappy for any reason with the work we have performed and/ or the equipment we have provided; and, if we cannot otherwise resolve the concerns to your satisfaction, we will remove the equipment provided and extend you a full refund. 

*American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Texas A & M University, Lakeland Electric & Water, Louisiana State University & Gulf States Utility, Pacific Gas & Electric.

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Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 5:30pm
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